• NAME REQUIREMENT BY AIRLINES/TOUR OPERATORS: Names must match with passport. First and Last Names are sufficient for ticket. Additional info is entered in APIS
  • MANDATOR PASSPORT INFORMATION: Advance Passenger information (APIS): Nationality / Passport issue country , Passport Number, Issue and Expiry date. Date of Birth/place of birth permanent Address,. Contact phone in Canada and destination including Emergency contact numbers at origin and destination while you are away.  Email is recommended for communicating as well.
  • DOMESTIC FLIGHTS CHECK-IN: 1 ½ to 2 hours before departure or earlier * Late Check-in will result in Loss of Fare and Denied Travel Privileges
  • USA/INTERNATIONAL CHECK-IN: 2 to 3 hours before departure or earlier * Late Check-in will result in Loss of Fare and Denied Travel Privileges.
  • BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: Airlines have changed the policy on checked baggage; Fees may apply each direction. Travel on multiple airlines has most restrictive baggage allowance.
  • RECONFIRMATION OF FLIGHTS FOR SCHEDULE UPDATES: 72 Hours before departure and again 4- 6 hours on the day of departure due to possible schedule changes. MULTIPLE TICKETS: Multiple tickets issued require minimum connections of 4 hrs between flights and responsibility of passenger to pick up /check in luggage to next connection flights.
All schedule changes are updated directly by the airline therefore one must call the airline directly for reconfirmation or see websites or airport websites. See white pages for local phone numbers.
  • LOCAL FLIGHTS REQUIRED VALID PICTURE ID AT CHECK IN. Government issued Driver License, Citizenship, or passport required for check in.
  • USA/MEXICO DESTINATIONS: Valid Canadian passport is required. NON CANADIANS passports holders require Visa for USA for info call 403 221-1730 or Mexican Consulate 1 604 684 3547
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: VALID CANADIAN PASSPORT. Expiry of passport at least 6 months after the return travel. Plus any applicable ENTRY REQUIREMENTS/VISA
  • OTHER THAN CANADIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS: Please ensure that you have a VALID PASSPORT plus ENTRY PERMIT/VISA for the country of your visit. PR Permanent Resident Card is required to re-enter Canada. Call Immigration Department for Further Information 1 800 255 4541.
  • ONE WAY TRAVEL TO USA/INTL FOR ALL PERSONS may not be allowed and will result in denied boarding by the airline/Immigration; resulting with loss of travel privileges and no moneys refunded. Check travel documentation and Visa requirements.
  • INSURANCE to be purchase only at time of purchase/transaction. Cuba Requires Mandatory. Get a Peace of Mind insurance and get our unique “ Change of Mind “ coverage
  • MINORS (under 18) TRAVELING INDEPENDENTLY OR WITH SINGLE PARENT may require parental consent. Please visit our web site for details
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: Tickets/package vacation/Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable and are valid as is, please see tour operator’s brochure or website for full details of terms and conditions of sale. The travel agent is not responsible or liable for errors or system errors made by Tour Operators, Airlines, or their suppliers. All sales are final. Deposits are non-refundable Balance payment is responsibility of client and must be paid as per due date; failure to do so will result in claims for the balance & forfeit of deposit, cancellation of trip. Only full payment and/or ticket issuance guarantees fares. For cancellations, date changes, an administration fee of $150 in addition to any airline or supplier penalty and its supplier’s fees will be charged if applicable.
Think Travel / Think Travel Limited is not responsible for denied travel due to schedule changes, delay and or delayed misconnections on multi/separate tickets issued between flights Misconnections are not covered by connection or originating airline; Insurance must be purchased for coverage. Late check-in and/or denial of travel due to lack of travel documents, invalid passport or visa, or immigration refusal and for any reasons stated here or not.. WARNING: A previous criminal record could be an obstacle in U.S/ international travel leading to denied entry, travel at own risk.
****The foregoing terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Payment in full or deposit constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions*****